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Overcome Your Deepest Fears & Subconscious Limitations With The UK’s Leading Hypnotherapist

Learn how to remove negative thoughts, break habits that are holding you back and reprogramme your mind to become the best version of yourself.

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Hypnosis can change your life without digging up your past...

If you’re having negative thoughts, feelings and emotions that hold you back in life, you’ve probably tried all kinds of methods to remove them. Problem is, most solutions only cover up underlying issues until they come back to haunt you again.

Unlike other techniques, hypnosis gets to the subconscious source of your problems. Whatever the issue you’re trying to solve - stress, anxiety, PTSD, anger management, weight loss, smoking addiction or something different - hypnotherapy can help you.

The unique method of Rapid Hypnosis is the quickest and most effective method to resolve issues in your life. It’s even faster than counselling or cognitive behaviour therapy - and doesn’t make you divulge dark memories from your past.

With Hypnotherapy....

You can let go of your past traumas and create a brighter future for everyone.

Break negative patterns and reprogramme your behaviour into positive habits
Live up to your full potential and stop past experiences from holding you back
Build calm, confidence and take back control of your life for the long-term

Meet your coach who can help you create lasting positive change...

Hi, I’m Karl Smith, the UK’s leading hypnotherapist and trainer for the UK Hypnosis Academy. I help professional therapists and regular clients through one-to-one hypnotherapy sessions in Woodbridge, Suffolk - or safely and effectively via Skype

Before discovering hypnotherapy, I was hit by a drunk driver and was left with life-changing injuries that massively impacted my physical and mental wellbeing. I’ve struggled with trauma and many of the symptoms you may be experiencing.

By finding hypnosis and coaching as the solution to my personal issues, I turned the worst experience of my life into my biggest inspiration. Now, I dedicate my career to helping people just like you remove your deepest fears and insecurities.

My world class ideas and techniques have been taught in more than 30 countries...
Mental & Physical Health
Permanently take control of your mental and physical health
Be More Present
Transform your everyday life and become more present for your family
Change Your Life
Quickly reprogramme your mind and change your life for the better

Ready to move forward with your life? Here’s how you can get started...

Karl will guide you through a one-to-one Rapid Hypnosis session that will quickly and effectively uncover the subconscious source of your physiological struggles. If you need help with any of the things below - it’s time to make a change!


If you're tired of being held back by negative thoughts, harmful habits and patterns that stop you living the life you want...