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Karl Smith is an incredibly gifted Man. Karl has managed to turn my life completely upside down and inside out. He worked Gently, yet quickly in digging up all that needed clearing, yet did it with the greatest of care and ease. I am in awe as to how years of memories tortured my body and mind, have now DISAPPEARED. Also to say I had a phobia of Spiders is an understatement. I had nightmares about them, I had to sleep with a light on, just Incase one appeared. I couldn’t stay in a room where there was one. I would have a complete panic when I’d see one. Karl worked on my phobia. And today it is gone. I can now put one in a glass and put it outside. Karl is an amazing Man who genuinely cares about people. Don’t hesitate in going to see him, go now.

Mandy B

My daughter aged 29, has “Autism, without learning difficulties”, and has used an Eating Disorder to exert control over her life for the last 19 years. She was recently in hospital, having gone through a period of refusing all food and drink for a couple of weeks. There was no help from the GP, other than to suggest she ate more chocolate and avocados and put in a referral to mental health services, which would take at least 6 weeks to be notified of an appointment for an assessment. We were pretty desperate. Karl was recommended by one of my daughter’s support workers. She went for one session, with a support worker and the effects have been outstanding. Karl adapted his methods to suit her. He taught her and her support worker techniques she could use to reinforce what she’d learned after the session. There was an immediate successful result when she left Karl’s clinic and bought a pork pie and cheese to eat! Karl phoned me and told me what had happened and I couldn’t believe it at first. After years of consultations with eating disorder counsellors and a 4 month hospital stay in a specialist ED unit, all with no effect, I hadn’t dared hope much would change. After one week, my daughter is still eating and drinking better. She says she thinks her ED will probably always be there, but she feels more able to deal with it now, using the techniques Karl taught her. I can’t thank Karl enough and would recommend him to anyone fighting a similar battle. Just wish we’d found him sooner!

Sue P

I recently had a fantastic hypnosis session with Karl. It felt amazing to know that I was really in Hypnosis rather than just being relaxed (as in previous sessions with other therapists). Knowing that I was in Hypnosis meant that my subconscious was definitely on board making the changes needed for me to move forward – onwards and upwards – no looking back. More importantly this is content free hypnosis – no need to dredge up your past issues – no need to re-traumatise yourself – no need to divulge any inner secrets. Karl allows your subconscious to release what it wants and needs to release in order to heal- and it works. So for those of you who might be having any doubts I would say ‘just go for it’ – no need to open yourself up to judgement – it is completely painless and better still you feel euphoric afterwards and that feeling lasts. Oh and all this via Skype 30,000 km away from Wickham Market, U.K. Thank you Karl.

Ali S

My 17-year-old son had been suffering from an eating disorder since he was about 5 years old. When it started to adversely affect his social life, he decided that he’d had enough and wanted to do something about it. Karl had been recommended to me by a friend. His style of treatment really appealed to my son, so we decided to give it a go. And I’m so glad we did! After just one session, my son was eating food that before had caused him to gag and panic. Now, one year later, he’s still doing fantastically and his food choices are so much more diverse and healthier than they were before. He can go out with his friends and not feel like the odd one out. It’s just absolutely brilliant. Karl was so understanding. He really managed to get my son to open up about feelings – never an easy thing to do with a teenager! I’d 100% recommend Karl and his style of hypnotherapy. It really does work!

Lou A

Having suffered much self sabotage through my life, I decided to do something about it. I attended a therapy session ( with someone else) and this helped for a period, but I went back to my old habits of self sabotage. Feelings of being unloved uncared for; this was leading to much self doubt, albeit I am a strong positive confident lady, With my own businesses even the confidence to pitch to 5 Dragons in the Den. But I was spiralling backwards, with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake. Just getting out of bed in the morning was proving hard work no matter how many positive books I read and thoughts I tried to change, my strength and will “not to live” was becoming stronger. Last year I had spoken to Karl with the thought of enrolling on one of the courses as a future career path, but I didn’t pursue it. Praying with all my heart that God would open a door to change my life for the better. I had no other strength than to “let go and let God” Out of the blue Karl contacted me to ask if I was still interested to enrol on the course. I knew at that moment the door had opened. A one to one session with Karl has turned my whole life around, and the little girl of unloved memories are now full of happy memories and this little girl is loved so much. I am happy, full of confidence and love. I can feel myself moving forward and in flow with positiveness, strength joy and knowing that life is so wonderful and my past is full of happy memories and a Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse lol.The negative nagging doubts and feelings of unworthiness have been replaced with positive loving thoughts. Each time a negative thought comes into my head it disappears without emotions attached to it. Seriously, no! Seriously, if you really want to be guided -Karl’s words) to living the life you truly are born to be, happy, confident, loving and self love and so much more, Karl will guide you on a most wonderful journey that you choose, the results are so beautiful. Karl’s hypnotherapy techniques are fast unique and deliver instant results and unlike any other therapy I have had in the past. I did not have to talk about events of my past, but choose to do so. I felt warm relaxed and comfortable in Karl’s presence. I did not have to endure weeks of therapy. Although there are many other hypnotherapist in my home town I choose to drive a 6 hour ( traffic problems for 2 hours) journey, knowing Karl’s guidance would be nothing less than the very best. Albeit Karl has helped clients Worldwide through Skype. Thank you Karl, for your guidance, your kindness, your passion and your dedication to helping others. You truly are an amazing beautiful human being inside and out. I am forever grateful to you, for allowing the light of love to shine inside me. Feeling so blessed and happy. Big hugs to beautiful Stan. “Success is not always about how much money you make, but the difference you make in people’s lives”

Jacqueline W

I am normally very sceptical however … I am truly blown There is no cure for ADHD, mental illness or anxiety…However there is hope. Miss B has been under the care of Karl Smith and in such a short space of time we have seen such a difference. We are very grateful..

Annalisa B

For years I have sought help to find out why I kept choosing a certain type of man to date. I’ve seen therapist, Hypnotherapist, psychics and energy healers and nothing seemed to work. One day I was listening to a podcast where Karl Smith was the guest. After hearing his story and his direct approach, I couldn’t wait to schedule an appointment. During our 1-hour session, Karl used a technique to help me release past trauma and increase my self worth. At one point during the session, I couldn’t stop smiling. I have to say without a doubt he helped change me. Today, I went on a date and after hearing some red flags, I immediately said “no way am I dating this guy”. Finished lunch and left. Prior to our session, I would have given this guy a chance and ended up with a broken heart! Now I am acknowledging the red flags and moving on! Thanks Karl

Tamara S

I went to see Karl on Monday after suffering a nervous breakdown and numerous panic attacks due to underlying anxiety issues I had been suffering with for a long time. After failing at taking medication and CBT only working for a little while I can honestly say I feel like a new person. Finally getting my life back and learning to love myself again. He really can help turn your life around and I will be recommending him to anyone I meet with life effecting issues. The homework is simple but effective and I am finally feeling positive and excited for the future.

Emma R