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Anger Management & Coaching

Learn to Let Go of Anger, Manage Negative Emotions & Create a Calm, Positive Life For Those Around You

Join Karl Smith for a personal, professional, one-to-one hypnotherapy session designed to combat anger and help manage the build-up of negative emotion that affects your behaviour.

Remove Anger & Take On Life With Total Composure...

We all experience anger… And when we’re unable to deal with it, the pressure builds until we finally snap. More often than not, we’re left vulnerable to negative reactions and those persistent feelings of guilt and regret.

Frustration can come from all kinds of situations. Whether it's something small  - like being cut up on your way to work - or something more serious, it's easy to feel like you’ve lost control and submitted to your negative thoughts.

Truth is, anger is wasting your energy. It serves no purpose and only causes pain to those around you. But it doesn’t have to be that way... Learning to manage anger becomes easy once you get to the source of your emotions.

That’s where Karl comes in….

Learning the tools and techniques of hypnotherapy can transform the way you approach situations that typically provoke an angry response. You can find a solution to your anger problem and develop a calmer outlook on life.

In this unique and world-renowned programme, you’ll learn the holistic approach used to deal with anger in a positive way. You’ll reprogramme the triggers that make you see red - and learn how to manage your reactions.

More than anything, you can make life easier for those around you and maintain a cool head when you need it most.

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Working With Karl Can Reduce Anger & Give You a Long-Term Strategy For a Calmer Life

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In this unique experience, Karl will use specialist techniques that address the source of your anger and give you the tools to keep your emotions in check. You’ll live with composure, confidence and control - whatever life throws at you.

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