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Professional, Personal & Effective Hypnotherapy From The UK’s Leading Coach

If you’re looking to work with a UK based Hypnotherapist who can help you overcome obstacles in your life and achieve your goals – Karl’s your go-to guy. His passion, engaging energy and no-nonsense approach to Hypnotherapy is the reason he’s loved by clients all over the world. 

Through one-to-one sessions conducted with the utmost care and respect for his clients, Karl develops trust and creates a comfortable environment for you to experience lasting positive change.

Karl Smith

UK Hypnosis Academy Certified Practitioner
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Meet Your Coach Who Can Help You Transform Your Life...

Karl Smith is the UK's leading Hypnotherapist and head trainer for the UK Hypnosis Academy. He works closely with professional therapists and regular clients through one-to-one hypnotherapy sessions in Woodbridge, Suffolk - or safely and effectively via Skype.

Before discovering hypnotherapy, Karl spent close to 2 decades serving in the British Army and the UK Police as a Firearms Officer. But everything changed in 2006 when he was hit by a drunk driver and left with life-changing injuries that massively impacted his physical and mental wellbeing.

This began Karl’s personal struggle with trauma and many of the symptoms you may be experiencing today. He tried everything to remove the traumatic triggers and negative thoughts that consumed his life - but with little success. It wasn’t until he found hypnosis that he could let go of the past and completely transform his life for the better.

By finding hypnosis and coaching as the solution to his personal issues, Karl turned the worst experience of his life into his biggest inspiration. Now, he dedicates his career to helping people just like you remove your deepest fears and insecurities.

Here’s Why People Come To Karl To Make a Positive Change…

Unique Methods of Rapid Hypnosis
Karls uses Rapid Hypnosis to quickly, safely and effectively induce a state of hypnosis that helps you get to the subconscious source of your problems. This unique method is why clients from all over the world come to Karl to finally remove their fears, anxieties and negative thoughts - even if they’ve tried everything else.
Years of Experience Changing People’s Lives For The Better
Karl has spent more than a decade traveling the world, teaching hypnosis and transforming the lives of hundreds of people. If you're searching for an experienced hypnotherapist with proven results and a passion for helping others - you’ve found him. You can be confident that when you place your trust in Karl, you get results.
Get To The Subconscious Source of Your Issues
Unlike traditional therapy or medication - hypnotherapy gets to the root of your problem and reprogrammes your subconscious mind to remove negative thoughts, harmful habits and triggers of anxiety. Karl can show you how hypnosis is the quickest, most powerful way to change your life - without digging into your past.
A Coach That Truly Understands What You’re Going Through
When you work with Karl, you can rest assured that he knows what you're going through - and what it feels like to get to the otherside. He’s been in your exact position and has learned - through years of hypnotherapy experience - exactly how to deliver lasting change for his clients and overcome negative experiences.

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